Sunday, 14 January 2018

Emerald City


Directed by visual stylist Tarsem Singh, this TV fantasy series based on The Wizard Of Oz begins with episode The Beast Forever, featuring a robot helicopter machine cruising over the sea.

The final episode There’s No Place Like Home has squadrons of copter drones, a sci-fi version of the ‘flying monkeys’, that swarm into the sky where they spell out the name ‘Ozma’ for the city’s estranged princess.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

American Assassin

This action movie features a US navy Bell 412 rescue flight arriving at the villain’s hide-out.

The military helicopter chases a speed-boat and hoists the hero to safety just before a nuclear bomb explodes underwater.

Although the Bell 412 is caught in the blast wave, the chopper’s pilot regains control and so the spinning helicopter does not crash into the sea.

Some poster artwork features Black Hawk helicopters that don’t appear in the movie.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Contract To Kill


This B-movie thriller, starring Steven Seagal, is a good example of using drone helicopters, on screen, in action cinema. 

It first appears with an assault rifle attached, remote piloted in gunship mode to attack a parked car.

Fitted with a video camera, the eight armed rotor-craft is re-deployed for a surveillance mission, flying outside a hotel in Istanbul.

The copter follows the crooks’ car and lands in the street.

Later, the drone takes a night flight and lands on the pavement.  

Sunday, 31 December 2017



This dystopian conspiracy drama has a Schweizer 300C flying the heroes along a rural road from a ranch to a school, where they rescue a girl.

The heroine stands on the chopper’s landing skids for their flight back home.

Later, the villains use a Bell 206L gunship with UN markings during their attack on the rebel’s ranch.

There’s a showdown in the sky between the LongRanger and the Schweizer 300C. 

The enemy’s pilot admits his Bell helicopter can’t manoeuvre like the smaller 300C.

After the airborne chase, the Schweizer’s passenger drops a bottle bomb on the low-hovering LongRanger and it explodes in mid-air.     


The heroes fly back home in their Schweizer.   

Black Hawk helicopters featured on the poster artwork do not appear in the movie.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Shin Godzilla


This Japanese remake of the monster movie franchise includes an EC-225 Super Puma as the coast guard flight over Tokyo bay.

Establishing shots of an army air-base include four CH-47J helicopters parked on the concrete, and a couple of AH-1S Cobras stored in a hanger.  

The first rotary action sequence of visual effects has four AH-1S Cobras but this helicopter attack on Godzilla is called off to protect civilians.

There’s a brief appearance for a Kawasaki OH-1 Scout and, when Godzilla leaves the city, a Japanese navy SH-60K patrol drops a sonar probe into sea.

Later, Cobras and AH-64D Apache Longbow choppers take off from a squadron base in Tokyo to defend the city, but their machine-guns and even missiles have no effect on Godzilla.

The pilot of an unarmed OH-1 Scout reports the failure of military forces.  

A Eurocopter EC-225LP provides emergency vehicle for the president, but this night flight is destroyed in mid-air by Godzilla’s radioactive power.

Finally, three Kawasaki CH-47J choppers fly civilians to safety during an evacuation of a city.